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Grow Your Own

Grow Your Own

As many of you who tune in and read my blog know, I am inspired by the food that each season brings. I frequent the farmers markets whenever I can, I pay attention to specific produce that grows during each season and I try to eat as locally and organically as possible.

My husband and I have a house with a good amount of land that we are currently not using. Idea deep with plans to landscape, I find myself often wandering outside and thinking, “Hmmm…a tomato plant would be just perfect here.” Or, “basil and lemon thyme would fit nicely in these pots.”

So, after enough time hemming and hawing we finally made it out to a nursery and bought a tomato, thyme and basil plant. After everything was planted sitting cozily in the earth, I felt a sense of pride and responsibility in a way I had never experienced. I realized that at my fingertips lay the key to the freshest food I could find. It was a step much closer than that to a farmers market, just a few steps into my own back yard (or front, as is this case) and viola, my own food, planted and tended to with my own hands.


It has been two months since my little evolution and as a result I have ripened and eaten two delicious early girl tomatoes (6 more are ripening and 8 new flowers have developed), sweet basil, cinnamon basil and lemon thyme are all thriving nicely.

I urge you to start your own garden, potted herbs or even a window box. Anything you can do for yourself will help the environment and your sense of wellbeing. Plus there is nothing better than fresh food, and picking your own off the vine, tree, stalk, or straight out of the dirt will give you a sense of satisfaction you couldn’t possibly of imagined.

“Every person needs to have a piece of garden, however small, to keep them in touch with the earth and therefore with something deeper in themselves”

~Carl Jung

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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

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